Full Spectrum CBD
Full spectrum CBD contains all of the compounds found naturally within the plant including the >.03% trace amounts of THC.

Pain, anxiety, not sleeping well at night? If you are suffering from these things you may wonder if there is anything out there that can help. Growing in popularity, maybe you have heard of how Cannabidiol (CBD) can help treat such things. Perhaps you have already started the journey to find the best CBD for you. It can be very overwhelming to navigate this big, new industry and find the right products for you. Hopefully this can help narrow your search for your needs. 

Maybe you have noticed that CBD comes in several different forms. Full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate. We are going to focus on mainly full spectrum CBD here today. So, what is it? Full-spectrum or whole-plant CBD, contains several different types of beneficial compounds like cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. No, I am not speaking a different language either lol. Let’s dive a little deeper: 
Plant-based health

Cannabinoids. There are more than 100 cannabinoids, including CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD and THC are responsible for the therapeutic and psychoactive effects of cannabis products. 
Terpenes. The more than 150 terpenes in cannabis affect the plant’s fragrance (think: what makes a rose smell like a rose, or an orange smell citrusy). They can also have a few therapeutic benefits (think: how lavender has a calming effect, or eucalyptus can open your sinuses). 
Flavonoids. Cannabis includes about 20 different flavonoids. Flavonoids are found in all kinds of plants, including fruits, vegetables, grains, and more. Like terpenes, they have a therapeutic profile. 

Full-spectrum CBD includes small amounts of all of these compounds, including THC. As a reminder, THC is the part of the plant that produces psychoactive effects. 

Broad spectrum CBD, by comparison, removes all of the THC content and CBD isolate removes everything except the actual CBD.
All together now
CBD alone is a great product and has beneficial effects on our bodies like reducing inflammation and helping us sleep better. However, some people prefer the full spectrum CBD as the THC combined with all the other properties causes what is called the “entourage effect.” When all of the compounds of the cannabis plant work together, the robust therapeutic profile is amplified.

So, is full spectrum the right CBD choice for you? That is a question you have to answer. Maybe by trial and error you can figure out which type of CBD is best for you. Or maybe just by understanding the difference.

If you don’t want the added effects of THC, or are concerned you could possibly fail a drug test, full spectrum CBD probably is not for you. Here at Sophia, we offer products that are broad and full spectrum. Please check out our shop and choose the best product for your needs.

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