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My best friend’s health: Why give CBD to pets?

My Puggle Tilly was 16 years old when I discovered the healing effects that all-natural CBD can have. Tilly suffered from arthritis, and her bones and joints began to deteriorate with age, causing her visible pain and discomfort. On top of this, she was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease, which causes weight gain, bone loss, and high blood pressure.

As a result, Tilly would have periods of restless anxiety, barking, and whining well into the early hours of the morning. Despite the best efforts of her veterinarian, there was little I could do. Tilly would regularly scare me into thinking she was having a panic attack – and I suffered countless sleepless nights right alongside her.

I became desperate for a solution. I had never tried CBD oil before but had heard it could relieve pain and anxiety – just the thing for our sweet Tilly. After weeks of worsening symptoms and sleepless nights, I decided to give Tilly CBD oil one morning.

The change was incredible. Tilly could sleep painlessly through the afternoon, then wake up with energy and ready to play like she was a young pup again. Since that moment, CBD oil has been an integral part of her daily routine.

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Why give CBD to pets

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