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CBD for muscle recovery: Why athletes rely on CBD

Find out how athletes, bodybuilders, and sports professionals treat muscle aches with CBD

Many athletes, bodybuilders, and sports professionals rely on CBD to relieve the pain associated with muscle recovery. There is a wide variety of capsules, gummies, balms, oils, and tinctures designed to help people recover from fitness- and exercise-related discomfort.

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Whenever you exercise, you put a specific muscle group under a great deal of stress. The body responds by rebuilding the damaged muscles, replacing that tissue with bigger, stronger muscle fibers. This process is responsible for the feeling of muscle soreness that accompanies a good workout.

CBD helps to relieve some of the pain and discomfort associated with muscle soreness. Since it acts as an anti-inflammatory, it can play an important role in promoting wellness while reducing soreness and pain. However, certain CBD products and formats are better for this than others.

How to Use CBD for Athletic Recovery

CBD comes in many forms and can enter the body in multiple ways. For athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are interested in exploring CBD’s potential for muscle recovery, topical applications will have the best results.

Topical ointments allow for maximum absorption of CBD in the part of the body that aches the most. This is great for athletes and bodybuilders who focus on a single muscle group at a time, as it allows the active ingredient to concentrate its effect in one place. 

This provides relief faster and more effectively than oral CBD supplements, which have to go through digestion before metabolizing. After metabolizing, your body will distribute CBD throughout your entire body, which means less of it is concentrated on the muscle group you targeted during your workout. This makes oral CBD a better choice for fatigue and insomnia than as a post-workout fitness supplement.

Applying topical CBD products is simple. You can freely and safely apply a topical CBD balm directly to your sore muscles after every workout. Your body will start absorbing the active ingredient upon contact. 

You can freely apply CBD to the affected area if aching persists, but consult a medical professional if soreness doesn’t improve after 48-72 hours. This may indicate a serious medical condition that requires emergency care.

Make CBD Part of Your Health and Fitness Routine

There is no replacement for getting regular, high-quality sleep and eating a healthy diet. CBD is a powerful and effective supplement for promoting pain relief and speeding up the body’s ability to recover from soreness and injury. A health- and wellness-oriented lifestyle makes it possible for these effects to take hold.

CBD combines well with a wide range of topical health and fitness supplements. For example, emu oil contains fatty acids that reduce pain and swelling while moisturizing skin, which can augment the power of high-quality topical CBD applications and help athletes recover from aches and injuries quickly.

Our CBD Pain Relief Freeze Rub or max strength Intensive Pain Relief Rub is an excellent choice for athletes seeking relief from muscle aches, discomfort, and painful sprains. It contains a combination of active CBD and other natural ingredients to bring relief after tough workout sessions.