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Look no further for a way to spice up your love life this year.

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Valentine’s Day is a time-tested holiday celebrating love. There’s no better feeling in the world than getting intimate with your man on V-Day. Human connection is a powerful force that can reinvigorate us and breathe new life into us.

Romance is important for a relationship, and sometimes, we need ideas on how to keep the spark going. Have you ever considered CBD’s effects on libido and intimacy?

CBD is more than a buzzword—and it doesn’t give you a buzz. But it can have a positive impact on your sex life if used correctly. Let’s dive into what researchers discovered when analyzing cannabidiol and sex.

CBD Reduces Anxiety

We all know sex is more than just an animalistic physical act—it’s an intimate bonding moment between two human beings. And every woman’s sex life is different (as are we all at a different point in the journey). Whether you’re hooking up for the first time or the 10,000th, sometimes anxiety can take over and make it harder to perform.

CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety in many studies, which means it can be beneficial in the head games involved in intimacy. If you’re worried about how you may look, feel, or perform during sex, CBD can help. And the benefits don’t stop there.

CBD Promotes Natural Lubrication

CBD increases blood flow, especially to the endocannabinoid receptors in our sex organs. This stimulates sexual tissues and causes them to produce natural lubricants. This is especially true with water-based CBD lubricants that can be applied directly to intimate areas.

CBD Increased Sensitivity

Because CBD boosts blood flow to your vagina, it also increases sensitivity in that area. This can heighten pleasure while also relaxing your muscles so you can let go for a much more erotic experience. The physiological effect of sex sends a lot of chemicals rushing throughout your body, and CBD helps this process.

Unlike other cannabinoids, CBD doesn’t get directly consumed by your endocannabinoid system. Instead, it stimulates and activates these receptors to be more open to accepting the natural chemicals your body already produces. This leads to a much more enjoyable effect while using CBD during intimacy.

How to Use CBD During Sex

You can use CBD in a lot of ways before, during, and after sex to improve your life. It can be consumed and applied as a topical, but the best method is using the Sophia CBD Intimacy Oil.

Our water-based intimacy oil is made with broad-spectrum, organic hemp and increases libido while stimulating intimate pleasure. Simply rub some on your hands and rub your hands all over the desired areas of each other’s bodies to enjoy the boundless joy of CBD-enhanced sexual pleasure.